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Wild Flowers

Wild Gardens is a digital video series that transports you to the breathtaking, seldom seen world of California wildflowers.

Combining sounds of the locales, descriptive narrative and symphonic music that is written for each episode; you will experience the wildflowers, and the places they grow in as living entities.

Come and explore the wild gardens of California.


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As Featured on MidWestBookReview.com

"Wild Gardens: Anza-borrego Desert Part One is an incomparable tour of the natural beauty of California's Sonoran Desert wildflowers. Breathtaking close-ups of individual wildflowers and panoramic views of the sky and the mountains, combined with gentle descriptive narration and symphonic music, makes Wild Gardens a delight for the senses and a joy for nature enthusiasts. A wonderful opportunity to luxuriate in the beauty of nature, Wild Gardens is especially recommended for wildflower and natural scenery enthusiasts. 24 minutes, color."